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FAZT joins you to develop solutions and build long-term relationships through communication. 

From anywhere to anywhere, using new technologies and sustainable solutions, FAZT wants to contribute to a world where communication overcomes language barriers and challenges.

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Linguistic Services

from English, French, and Spanish into European Portuguese

translation services

subtitling services

consecutive interpreting

remote interpreting

proofreading services

technical writing services

sworn translation

Hague Apostille Convention translation

Commercial Services

prospecting services

brand agency

business partners 

international exhibitions


How does it work?

The project is carried out in several stages, essential for a professional, confidential, and FAZT service.



Needs assessment, scope, and budget



Contract and NDA signing



Quality requirements and deadline



Project presentation and validation


Project closing

Delivery and closure

Do you want to test how FAZT we are?

Let us know what you want: we are right here to cooperate with you.

Choose where you want to go, and we’ll go with you!

Foto Gi

Maria Virgínia Barros 

Bringing people together through language and culture is my passion.

I am a Modern Languages and Literature graduate and a certified Postgraduate in Specialized Translation and CAT tools.

I am on a mission to bring dreams to life, one translation at a time. With my passion for languages, I am dedicated to putting people in touch.

With a Google Project Manager certification and extensive experience in international business, I am driven to make a real impact in the global communication landscape.

Thanks to volunteering with Translators Without Borders, I’ve translated over 47,000 words for organizations like FHI 360, INEE, Motu, Vodafone Foundation, and the World Food Program, helping to remove language barriers.


Shall we have a video meeting?

What could be better than a remote meeting? A face-to-face meeting. However, remote meeting organization tools allow you to get to know our services, in about half an hour, without having to travel.

The advantage is that we can bring together, in the same meeting, people who are geographically separated, and we can share all kinds of documents and videos.

To do this, fill in the form and say what interests you in particular and what your availability is – I will send you an invitation with a link to the meeting.

All you need is a computer or smartphone, with a camera and microphone.