Certified translation – What is it?

In most situations, simple translation is enough. However, there are situations in which it is mandatory to present a certified translation – if an entity requires it, you will have to do so.

Certified translation is the translation of an official document that is certified as accurate and which, for that reason, can be presented at public administration.

In Portugal, this is done by a  lawyer or a solicitor; they are authorized to certify documents that professional translators have translated.

As I mentioned in previous articles, in ​​international Public Procurement, this happens often – the Portuguese companies have to translate their official documents, and the translation must be certified.

This situation is also common in contracts between Portuguese and foreign entities – for example, real estate sale and purchase agreements.

Another example of this procedure is when you import goods, such as cars, motorbikes, machines. To legalize them in Portugal, you must present the original document with a certified translation.  

As a professional translator, I can do this kind of work. I can also manage the certification of the documents you need.

I am available via email at info@fazt.pt.