Long time no see

Long time no see. 

Despite the avalanche of information crushing us every day (and to which we no longer pay much attention), once in a while, it is essential to share our thoughts with our network. Do you agree?

My absence has a happy reason: I’ve been overwhelmed with work. 

Those who follow my articles and the newsletter know that I started a self-employed activity about two years ago that significantly shifted my career. I completed a postgraduate degree in Specialized Translation and CAT Tools. In the meantime, I was building my client base to grow my business.

Of course, luck takes hard work, and I had to take a break from Social Media; I needed more time to manage everything.

As a self-employed person, there are demanding and time-consuming activities. In short, we are in charge of bureaucratic issues, contracts, invoices, NDAs, and SLAs: an unavoidable world of boring but necessary things. 

I am not complaining; the work itself is the icing on the cake –at this point, I embrace this decision with the feeling of a dream come true.

What have I been doing?

I WRITE – technical writing of manuals and texts for commercial training. 

I TRANSLATE – the requests led me to specialize in Marketing, Finance, and Medical translations. I learn something new every day, and this is amazing.

I SUBTITLE…and this kind of task is incredible, trust me. I’ve been subtitling action sports programs, which is a job! Watch surf videos with awesome soundtracks and dive into a sport I’ve always enjoyed watching – giving voice to commentators and athletes in their slang… I love it.

During the summer, I also did CONSECUTIVE INTERPRETING in a language that has always been close to me and that I love to speak – Spanish. 

In between, whenever I can, I collaborate with Translators without Borders. So far, I have donated around 47,000 words between translations and revisions. The emotions linked to volunteering are very rewarding; it is an effective give-and-take. In my case, it is essential to have contact with realities that do not even appear in the news and are part of this unbalanced world in which we live. We live on the privileged side of the planet, and everything we can do is a very tiny contribution to help to improve other human beings’ lives.

So that’s a lot to do, and time passes so fast. 

Am I forgiven for my absence?