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About me

Throughout my career in the field of international business development, I have had the privilege of translating and producing a diverse range of documents to aid in the internationalization of companies.

In the last few years, I have been working exclusively on translation, subtitling, and consecutive interpreting, helping clients expand their messages in the Portuguese market.

If you’re watching FUEL TV, it’s quite possible that you will see my name at the end of a show, as I work regularly for this TV channel. 

I love poetry, and have been writing on my blog, Sítio da Saudade for almost two decades. There, I promote Portuguese poetry and my own. I believe that poetry is an art that aligns perfectly with subtitles and translation.

It is all about choosing the perfect word.


Subtitling: a Comprehensive Course

Are you ready to learn the art of subtitling and maximize its potential?

In this course, you’ll learn strategies to reduce text, how to use Subtitle Edit, how to find clients, how to build a portfolio, and much more.

If you want to start offering this service or if you already do it and want to improve some points, this course is perfect for you.

My first podcast as guest

This is Rita Prazeres Gonçalves – The Language Worker – podcast.

Maria Virgínia is passionate about subtitling and dedicates herself to this activity (she also works in translation and interpreting projects). She works with multiple international companies and believes that her background and activities as a poet help her find the perfect word when working in subtitling projects.

Sofia Marchetti is an Italian translator who creates a bridge not just language gaps but also cultural divides, ensuring the client’s message resonates authentically with the target audience. She works with English, Spanish, German and Italian.

In this conversation we will get to know how each one of them better and we will hear all about how they met, how they started working together and the mentoring relationship that they are developing.

Subtitling: a Comprehensive Course

In this interview, Roberta Cavaglia asked me for advice for newbies, and I had no doubt about what was important to me. 

– Never stop learning

Go beyond the basics to become a technical wizard.

– Start local, think global 

Find opportunities near you, while building the skills to serve an international clientele.

– Build a standout portfolio

Learn how to build a portfolio that stands out from the crowd.

This course is the one-stop resource I wish I had when I started.



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