Subtitling Course

Subtitling work can sometimes feel like staring at a blank piece of paper and attempting to start writing from scratch.

I thought about this analogy when Renata Soares, a translator colleague who attended my subtitling course, shared her experience.


Renata said: One of the main reasons I enrolled in this course was to enhance my skills in working with Subtitle Edit and mastering its features. As someone who primarily works with web-based platforms owned by clients, understanding how to accurately time subtitles were essential, and this course delivered exactly what I needed.

Subtitlers often work on web-based platforms, especially while working for agencies. They have pre-existing transcripts, which saves them the effort of transcribing and spotting.

However, there are times when subtitlers need to start from scratch with only the video as their guide. Working this way requires more than just translating.

 You need to know how to use a subtitling tool and master the technical aspects. You will have to adjust settings, synchronize subtitles, and ensure alignment with the images.

That’s the reason I came up with that analogy.

The writer, the paper, and the pen.

The subtitler, the video, and the tool.

It’s a challenge, but true fulfillment comes from getting over these obstacles.

 Considering this, I will host another Subtitling Course in October. Stay tuned for further updates.

P.S. It’s great when a colleague gives you feedback and makes you feel like your work is making a difference. Thanks, Renata Soares.