🎬 Every profession has its own unique secret language, and subtitling is no exception.
❕ We might not use JARGON with everyday people, but trust me, it’s a whole new world within the sector.

💙 Think about it: everyone loves subtitles, but how many people are aware of the history behind those little captions?

❔ Did you know that silent movies used handwritten descriptions between frames called “intertitles”? Fun fact, right?

❕ Knowing our history builds professionalism.

💙 Back to the present, though. Newbies face a real challenge in understanding technical terms.

❕Imagine this: You get a job with a video production company. They start throwing around words like ‘spotting,’ ‘timecode,’ ‘cps,’ and ‘shot change.’

❕Your mind goes blank.

❕The truth is, people in general don’t need to master SUBTITLE LINGO, but you do.

❕Understanding these TERMS ensures seamless communication and avoids costly mistakes.

❔Feeling lost in translation? Don’t worry, I’m here to help.

💡 There are many resources out there, but wouldn’t it be easier to have a learning path to learn this secret language?

P.S. Here is a link to a very useful glossary created by SUBTLE, the Subtitlers’ Association. Check it out.

P.S.2: You might also want to consider the Translastars training course I will host on October 24th.

Image by Freepick