World Poetry Day

From a young age, I developed a love for reading that quickly turned me into a compulsive reader. Looking back, I realize that this passion for reading not only allowed me to internalize the structures of the language but also helped me expand my vocabulary. As a result, I became a child who excelled in writing.

I was fortunate to have access to various books at home. My luck continued with the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation‘s traveling library, which was essentially a Ministry of Education in those years, taking books to the most remote places. Later, I was even awarded a scholarship from this foundation.

However, the most crucial factor in shaping my writing skills was the quality of my elementary school teacher, Mrs. Roquinha. She not only encouraged me to write but also discovered my preference for writing poetry over prose. To further encourage me, she gifted me a notebook with a beautiful red cover with gold threads to write my poems.

Mrs. Roquinha was the epitome of an excellent teacher – demanding yet with an immense ability to motivate children and foster the qualities she saw in them. She played a critical role in my writing skills’ mastery and helped build my self-esteem. She even went as far as publishing my poems in the local newspaper, which gave me a sense of pride and self-confidence that I carry with me today.

Childhood experiences shape us, and Mrs. Roquinha’s mentorship significantly impacted my writing career. My love for words led me to study a course at university with the ambition of becoming a writer. I ended up being a translator instead. Nonetheless, I find fulfillment in translating and writing for my blogs and social media platforms.

As a translator, I understand the importance of finding the right words and crafting them into effective sentences to achieve clear communication. But beyond functionality, I appreciate the beauty that comes with using language correctly.

In conclusion, my childhood experiences and my teacher’s guidance were vital in developing my writing skills. For those seeking to improve their writing, I encourage them to find inspiration in their experiences, to read a lot, and seek guidance from mentors who believe in their abilities.

To read Portuguese poems and some of my own, you can visit Sítio da Saudade.