Subtitles can improve your pronunciation

📚  Would you like to speak French with a perfect accent, or learn how to pronounce “Ramon” and “jamón” in Spanish?

🎬 Subtitles can be used for much more than just word translation.

💡They can be a powerful tool for improving your accent:

▶ The visual representation of spoken words in subtitles helps match the sounds with the correct spelling.

▶ Subtitles often don’t capture all the words, but they can give clues about the intonation, pronunciation, and rhythm of natural speech.

▶ Shadowing and imitating native speakers is a fantastic way to improve your speaking and listening skills. Stop, rewind, and repeat what you’re hearing.

▶ Watch movies, TV shows, and music from different locations to hear different accents.

▶ Ask native speakers or tutors for feedback to see where you can improve.

🎞 Set the subtitles on and prepare for a fun learning experience.

📚 What language will you choose?

Image by Freepik